Beauty Pageants -> Prizes and Awards

The prizes for the winners will depend on the level of sponsorship received but there will be cash prizes and sub-title awards such as:

First Princess (1st runner up)
Second Princess (2nd runner up)
Best Talent
Best Interview
Best Evening Wear
Best Traditional Wear
Best Casual or Leisure Wear
Best Swimwear
Best Smile
Miss Congeniality (chosen by fellow contestants)
Miss Photogenic (chosen by a professional photographer)
Miss Sport (chosen during boot camp after athletic attributes have been demonstrated)

Everyone will leave with a gift and photographs and most importantly with a lot of memories. To help you remember well, we will organize getting each of you an album made up with all the pictures that were taken throughout the months of working together as a team.

In the event of there being less than 10 models making it through the boot-camp phase this section will not apply!