Beauty Pageants -> Miss Global & Commonwealth WOB Heats

The heats leading up to the boot-camps for Miss Global & Commonwealth WOB 2013 beauty pageants will be decided by means of  Facebook Likes with only the top 30 going through to boot-camps.  Please go here to enter online.

The main face picture for each model will be copied to the Facebook page for Like voting to take place.  The top 30 who will go through to the rehearsals phase where a series of boot-camps will be run with contestants being eliminated until there are only 20 left for the semi-final in June 2013.  Anybody who misses a boot-camp will automatically be eliminated.

In the event there are less than 10 models remaining from the boot-camps there will be a weekend photo-shoot and fashion show instead with the organisers selecting the winners according to their performance during the boot-camps, the photo-shoot and the fashion show.